Start-Ups and FinTechs

We believe Startups are great business in the waiting. They have the potential to grow into fully fledged businesses if the right advice and initial steps are taken from the onset. Our dedicated services for startups enables them to start on the right footing to achieve their desired vision. Do you have an idea? Talk to us together to help you plan, register and run your startup efficiently and profitably.


Small to Medium Enterprises form the majority of business in many countries. Many companies stagnate in their growth and expansion stage due to the many challenges facing this phase of growth. We focus on helping SMEs understand their market, risk and opportunities associated with their business. Most importantly, we provide them with a service package that takes care of their basic Management and compliance need

Our service package for SMEs include:

  • Business restructuring and formalization
  • Outsourced Accounting services
  • Payroll management
  • HR support
  • Tax Advisory
  • Software implementation

NGOs and Charities

In your quest to provide a social good there are usually some challenges. Donors want to be sure they are receiving value for money. They also want to assess whether the beneficiaries are receiving the relevant impact.

ASAR RAMOFH provides useful services for NGOs and Charities.

  • Financial systems audit
  • Project audits
  • Conduct project impact surveys
  • Outsourced compliance and accounting service

For a new organization, we provide full business registration services and administration, Human resource and accounting services for the initial years. Talk to us today on how we can be helpful to your organization

Large Multinational Companies

Our Payroll Software has proven very useful for large companies that need to process payroll monthly for large numbers of employees. Reduce your tax errors and time for preparing the multiple statutory compliance report by having all reports ready at just a click of a button. The HR analytics and other functions of the Wallet HR ® enables you to manage your Human resource needs with ease. Outsourcing your tax, regulatory compliance, business registration and or company secretarial services to us would enable you to focus on your core mandate whilst leveraging on our expertise to maximize your company’s goals. Talk to us today on how we can be helpful to your company

Branch Companies and Liaison Offices

Key matters of concern to such companies are:

  • The business registration regime
  • Fiscal and other statutory regimes
  • Investment rules

ASAR RAMOFH provides a comprehensive support for branch companies. We have the capacity to walk you through the rudiments of doing business in Ghana and other parts of Africa. Whether you are a branch or liaison office already incorporated or you are now seeking to incorporate, our legal, compliance and tax team are more than happy to assist you. Talk to us today on how we can be helpful to your company